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Thursday 17th February 2022 Yashmin Mistry 

JPC Managing Partner Yashmin Mistry to host workshop at Leasehold 2022

​We are delighted to announce Yashmin Mistry, JPC Managing Partner, will be hosting a workshop at the News on the Block Leasehold 2022 event to be held on 23rd March 2022.

Service Charges are usually the main and biggest source of contention between landlord and leaseholders. Leaseholders often feel they have a greater stake in the property than the landlord and resent being presented with bills for work which they did not support or would have wished to be done differently.

In this workshop Yashmin will take you through:

· What a “service charge” is

· Some general principles involved in the recovery of service charges

· Statutory controls surrounding service charges

· The concept of “reasonableness”

· Challenging service charges and the role of the Tribunal

· What to do when the service charge totals don’t add to 100% in the development

For more information about the event, and to book your tickets, please visit http://www.leaseholdlondon.co.uk/


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