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Tue 23 Oct 2012

Beijing and Beyond!

Beijing and Beyond!

As members of the International Association of  Practicing Lawyers (IAPL) (of which Steven Porter is past president) Niten Chauhan and Steven Porter attended the IAPL 30th Anniversary AGM in Beijing last week.

The event was hosted by the current president, Moses Cheng of Hong Kong with other members from all corners of the globe from Brazil to Singapore, with a strong representation from Europe.

It was a great opportunity to exchange information as well as enabling us to obtain a better understanding of how day to day business was conducted.  The visit included a meeting with the director of the Ministry of Justice as well as with the president of the All China Lawyers Association where in both cases it was emphasised how much they appreciated the IAPL visit to Beijing and the opportunity to make professional connections and friendships on a personal level.

Steven and Niten were provided with hospitality that was beyond any conceivable expectations by the hosts as well as the host law firm in Beijing, Zhonglun W & D Law firm.

The trip was hectic but nevertheless productive and enabled JPC Law to forge links with lawyers not only in China but also in other parts of the world and as such enables us to handle matters on a worldwide basis.  It is our intention to continuewith our international expansion and indeed Niten Chauhan has since been invited to be one of the key note speakers at the Law Asia Conference to be held in Bali in November, thus providing JPC Law with an opportunity to exploit links with the pacific rim jurisdictions.

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