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Fri 19 Oct 2012

Family Mediation: A very real and attractive alternative to Court action

Family Mediation: A very real and attractive alternative to Court action

Mediation in family disputes is becoming increasingly important.  It is a very real and attractive alternative to Court action.  The mediation process is confidential.  The mediator is not only neutral but will be impartial.    Matters which come to mediation may relate to divorce, separation, children’s issues, property and financial questions, or indeed any other matter which anyone using mediation wishes to raise.  The mediator’s role is to help those who seek such services reach their own informed decisions by negotiation.


Mediation has many advantages over the conventional family proceedings taken through the Courts.  It is often much quicker and cheaper.  All the issues arising can usually be resolved in sessions of 1.5 hours each over a fairly short time frame of say 3 to 4 months at most.  Often, 3 to 5 sessions may be sufficient to resolve all matters.


From April 2013, legal aid for divorce based cases will no longer be available.  While this firm has not offered legal aid for many years, the impact on private paying clients or indeed anyone using the Court process from that time will be significant.  If those who use the Court system feel obliged, because they cannot afford lawyers, to pursue matters without legal representation, the Courts are likely to be weighed down with far more demands on their resources than they are able to meet. This may lead to backlogs of cases, delays and frustration.  This is where the mediation process can be used to maximum advantage at minimal expense. Those who require a mediator are the ones in control.  They appoint the mediator and the process enables them to make decisions and progress it at their own pace.


This firm is offering a promotion until 31 December 2012 with reduced charging rates.


For more information please contact Keith Maynard, who is a Resolution Mediator.  He will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.  He can be reached on 020 7644 7278.

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