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Thu 20 Jul 2017

Law Commission consultation on Wills

Law Commission consultation on Wills

The law governing the making of wills is 180 years old, having been established in the Wills Act 1837. For the first time since the Victoria era, this legislation will be reviewed in consultation published this month by the Law Commission.

The Commission has found that 40% of the population do not have a will. When someone dies intestate (the term used where the deceased has not left a will) difficulties can arise, adding to overall stress at a challenging time. Complexities within the current legislation can also, at times, bring the validity of ones will into question. The purpose of the consultation set out by the Commission is to assess whether the current law can be modernised in order to encourage more people to make a will.

Read more from JPC Law Solicitor Tyla Robins here.

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