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Liberal Democrats estate agent spoof backfires by angering REAL May & Co

Mon 5 Jun 2017

Liberal Democrats estate agent spoof backfires by angering REAL May & Co

The Liberal Democrats have launched a spoof estate agency attacking the Conservative's plans for a dementia tax. However, the original version of the website using a company name identical to our clients resulted in May & Co being inundated with angry correspondence. As a result, we have been instructed to act on their behalf in resolving this matter.

John Yianni of May & Co, the Chelsea estate agent established in 1920 received a number of abusive calls and nuisance communications to the company's offices following the Liberal Democrats release of their campaign. Understandably he is concerned about the effect this spoof has and could continue to have on the company's reputation.

Whilst the website has now been changed slightly, we have been in contact with the Party in regards to the damaging affect their spoof has had on May & Co's reputation, the hijacking of their on-line presence, the loss of exclusivity in the company's name, along with the unlawful use of our clients name and branding.

Please click here for further information.

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