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Mon 12 Feb 2018

Yashmin Mistry to host breakout sessions at Leasehold 2018

Yashmin Mistry to host breakout sessions at Leasehold 2018

We are delighted to announce Yashmin Mistry, Property Practice Group Leader, will be hosting two sessions at the News on the Block Leasehold Conference on 28th March.

The conference provides an opportunity for individuals to further their knowledge and understanding of best practice in a wide range of topics including reading leases and Right to Manage which Yashmin will be discussing.

Not all Leases are clear and straightforward and sadly not all are the same! In Yashmin's practical session on How to Read a Lease, partipants will learn:

 - the importance of knowing what is in a Lease

- understanding the various parties obligations under the Lease

- how to read a Lease and the rules of Lease interpretation

- Common pitfalls when reading Leases

- Remedying defective Leases 

Her interactive Right to Manage session will cover  the practical things that need to be thought about after take over including:

- Acquisition date

- What does the RTM actually take over?

- Service charges

- Approvals

- Lease covenants

- Insurance 

For more information on the conference and to book tickets, please click here.

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