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Fri 10 Nov 2017

Taxi firm Uber loses their appeal

Taxi firm Uber loses their appeal

Last year a Tribunal ruled that two of Uber's taxi drivers were Uber staff and therefore entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks and minimum wage.

In response Uber appealed arguing their drivers were self employed and under no obligation to use the booking app. They also claimed 80% of their staff would be classed similarly as self employed.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has today upheld its original ruling that Uber's drivers are their workers, a decision the GMB Union has described as a 'landmark victory'.

Our Senior Associate and specialist in Employment matters Julie Edmonds comments 'This is an extremely important and potentially damaging decision for Uber as it goes to the root of their business model.  Workers rights including paid holiday, sick pay and the minimum wage along with the gig economy have been the focus of several cases recently and this latest decision highlights the fact that the courts and Tribunals will always look at the reality of how the working relationship operates on a day to day basis and not just what the documents say'.

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