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Fri 9 Jun 2017
The complexities of Tax Clearance unravelled
A common misconception when people purchase their freeholds is they believe it to be the end of the story. This is often not the case and steps should be taken to protect the position....Read More
Thu 8 Jun 2017
League of Lawyers' Update
Following on from Niten's recent invitation to China, both he and Steven attended The League of Lawyers' European Meeting in Copenhagen in order to meet with fellow members, clients of our Danish associate and most importantly the Chinese Embassy in Denmark....Read More
Tue 6 Jun 2017
International Law Update: JPC Law in China
Change is inevitable. Whether you voted to remain in the EU or agreed with the vote to leave what we have to accept is that a significant period of transition is ahead of us all. But with change comes great opportunity too....Read More
Mon 5 Jun 2017
Liberal Democrats estate agent spoof backfires by angering REAL May & Co
The Liberal Democrats have launched a spoof estate agency attacking the Conservatives' plans for a dementia tax. However, the original version of the website using a company name identical to our clients resulted in May & Co being inundated with angry correspondence. As a result, we have been instructed to act on their behalf in resolving this matter....Read More
Thu 1 Jun 2017
News on offshore residents de-enveloping properties
Consultant Solicitor Graham Jaffe is highly experienced & specialises in all aspects of enfranchisement work including niche areas of the sector such as de-enveloping....Read More

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