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residents associations

residents associations

A residents’ association is formed by a group of people living on an estate or in a block, who come together as an organisation to represent their mutual interests.Usually (although not always) a residents’ association will be formed by tenants or lessees who hold tenancies/leases from the same landlord which include provisions for the payment of variable service charges.

As a residents’ association it is easier to campaign for environmental improvements, repairs, buildings works, facilities or management and maintenance charges.

Lessees have the right to form an association and for that association to be recognised either voluntarily by the landlord or compulsorily through the Rent Assessment Panel.To be most effective a residents’ association should be formally recognised.

Leasehold enfranchisement specialist Yashmin Mistry is an Honorary Legal Consultation for the Federation of Private Residents’ Association.For more information on the Federation please visit their website:

Please contact Yashmin Mistry if you are a Leaseholder and wish to discuss your case with us.

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