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property finance

At JPC our commercial team has a wealth of experience in dealing with property finance. We act on a regular basis on behalf of lenders as well as borrowers. We take a straight-talking ‘can-do’ approach in order to reach stringent deadlines. We are pragmatic and commercial in every transaction and avoid a broad-brush approach.

We have acted on behalf of a range of institutional and private lenders providing finance to be secured on a variety of properties and businesses (including restaurants, cafes, residential properties and commercial properties). Our lending and investing clients have financed a range of unique deals.

In respect of bridging finance lenders, we are able to accommodate a high-volume of matters combined with a quick turnaround which truly reflects the nature of the ‘bridging’ industry. JPC Law has been specialising in bridging finance for a number of years and we really try and add value to your business.

We also act on behalf of a wide-range of borrowers. Whether you are refinancing your residential homes or your property portfolio a member of our team will be able to assist you. Having acted for various lenders we have a breadth of experience in knowing and anticipating what the lender’s requirements are, thus being able to expedite the transaction at hand.

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property finance department