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international legal matters

With increasing globalisation, comes a greater opportunity for individuals and companies to conduct both their personal and business affairs on a global level. This is why at JPC Law we prioritised increasing our presence as an international law firm.

At JPC Law, we aim to help clients wishing to expand their international reach as well as those who have been operating in the arena for many years. As a result we have a network of associate offices world-wide through our membership of the IAPL (International Association of Practising Lawyers) and an increasing presence both in Europe and the far east through the League of Lawyers.

We enable our clients to conduct their activities with the certainty that they are in trusted hands.

Whether our clients are wishing to:

  • explore a new opportunity;
  • conclude an international transaction; or
  • or have an existing legal problem in another country,

we can help them to obtain a high standard of service by working closely with a local law firm in that jurisdiction.

Through these relationships, our partners and consultants have developed a strong understanding of foreign legal policies and more importantly the associated cultural differences. This enables them to act for a multitude of clients from around the world today.

One of our founding partners, Steven Porter, is the past President of the IAPL whilst presently Niten Chauhan is the firm’s lead partner on International Legal Matters. Both have an in depth knowledge of jurisdictional legalities having represented overseas clients for many years and are keen advocates of finding commercial resolutions between parties whether through negotiation, mediation or international arbitration.

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international legal matters department