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Leasehold Enfranchisement

Lease Extension Calculator

"How much will my lease extension cost?"

This is the most frequently asked question by leaseholders in our experience. We have come up with this quick and easy calculator to give you an indication of the likely cost of your lease extension. Simply fill out the required information and our easy to use calculator will produce a broad range estimate.

(* = Required information)

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    "This is the date at which the term of your lease starts to run (not to be confused with the date of the lease which is the date the lease was originally granted). For example, your lease may grant a term of "99 years from 3rd May 1980". The commencement of the term will be 3rd May 1980 and the term will be 99 years.
  2. This is the length of your lease. For example, your lease may grant a term of 99 years from 3rd May 1980.
  3. Ground rent (per annum in ). The ground rent you pay annually to your immediate landlord. It is likely to be a small sum. This may be a rising amount (e.g. 100 per annum for the first 33 years, 200 per annum for the next 33 years, and 300 per annum for the remainder of the term), however you can enter the average or mid-range amount here. Please note that some leases are subject to onerous ground rents and this will need to be investigated further.
  4. This is the approximate price your property would sell for on the market with its current lease.
  5. This is the market value of your flat at today's date (with the benefit of an extended lease). This information is available from (but not limited to) websites such as

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